The Malheur County sheriff said there's "no evidence" Malheur Enterprise journalists committed crimes with phone calls and emails "after hours."
How can we work safely and ethically in an era of internet spying and wiretapping?
Use graphs, trendlines and charts to display metrics rather than relying on lists or spreadsheets. Understand that the metrics
Dying is hard but hospital beds are fun! From Connie Lawn September, 2016 Hello friends and family. Thanks to your love, patience
There is nothing like the attempted denial of a fundamental right in a free society to ensure that this right will be exercised to its fullest. If "yes" was ever intended to ingratiate a news reporter, in a bid for good press, "no" is a sure guarantee that you won't like what you read.
Building the Tesla for Logs & Metrics Once a software company builds a product and starts selling it, it is very hard to
Every now and then, I teach a class to young would-be journalists and one of the first things I talk about is why I consider writing an act of generosity. But for the foreign correspondent, especially in war zones, the generosity lies in the very act of entering a world filled with dangers.
If you've ever spent an hour (or more) playing office bingo in yet another useless meeting or struggled to understand why your business isn't making money even though sales are up, then you'll know the frustration that can come with trying to get an accurate picture of a business's position.
There has been a flurry of news recently about various newspaper groups being bought and sold. And each time I have gotten
This discussion was necessary because in Uganda, media coverage of reproductive health issues is poor, yet the issues are
"The media covers outbreaks in a big way. We hit things like a tsunami."
Then there are those stories that touch a chord with the public, as they can imagine themselves in the shoes of the refugees
If you want to know who still believes in a future for news media, just turn to some of our most respected businessmen: Warren
Larisa Shchiryakova was found guilty of "illegal dissemination of media products" by a Belarusian court.
Marty Baron explains why we need to continue pushing for justice in the Jason Rezaian detention.
My brother has an injury to this day, from police brutality years ago. He was choked and beaten when stopped by officers
Both papers have substantially underrepresented the number of civilians killed in drone strikes in Pakistan and Yemen, failed to correct the public record when evidence emerged that their reporting was wrong and ignored the importance of international law.