Representational Art

The tragedy might not be that we do not have enough shamans in our society, but rather a lack of skilled visionaries who
This was important information I was disseminating, linking what my students were painting to the greatest art of the last 3,000 years of Western civilization. And it just gets cut?! Excuse me?!
The TaiHang Series consists of paintings inspired by a trip I took with a classmate in 1995-96 to the Tai Hang mountains
F. Scott Hess, Anchises Lost, 2009, oil on canvas, 25 × 35 inches. In the last ten years we've seen an incredible change
To lose a dear friend leaves a hole in the life of each who loved him. Losing the well of wisdom that is a great mind leaves gaps in the fabric of civilization, one of the great tragedies of human mortality.
There is one artistic voice that stands out above the rest as pivotal to the national conversation around race, identity and social justice. That is the voice of John Jennings, visual artist pioneer and author.
After decades -- some might say well over a century -- of standing aside while Duchamp joked and Pollock flung paint, figurative art is about to step into the spotlight and become the "next big thing."
It is unusual to see people crying over artwork these days. Most contemporary art seems to purposefully distance itself from emotion, relegating human sentiment to some basement realm far from the light of intellectual discourse.
In Part One of this interview with the founder of neuroesthetics, Semir Zeki, he spoke about beauty from a neurological perspective. Here he defends his field after some recent academic and media criticisms.
As a renowned neurobiologist who ventured into the realm of aesthetics and how the brain processes art, Semir Zeki has drawn fire from a number of more conventionally oriented art writers and critics.
Douglas Hyland is the Director of the New Britain Museum of American Art, Connecticut. For the past 15 years he has expanded not only the Collection of America's first museum solely dedicated to American art, but he has expanded the museum itself several times.
The stone has been thrown. The splash is being made and as the repercussions arc across the surface of the representational revolution, they are intercepted as inspiration, as ideas, and The Da Vinci Initiative is capitalizing on them.
What you may not know is that the Florence Academy of Art is coming to New York, in more ways than one. As the interest in paintings, which utilize skill based training and techniques has grown, the FAA is answering the demand with a new campus.
No matter what you call it, we are talking about the emergence of an authentic perspective in our culture that demands our attention. It comes about out of a need that our society has and that need is being filled.
California Luthern University, which granted funding for TRAC2014 will publish a book of the academic papers later this year
In Ventura, California March 5th was the closing day of the second ever Representational Art Conference -- TRAC 2014 -- an international gathering that had attracted over 300 artists and others interested in exploring "the aesthetic principles and values implicit in the representational art of the 21st Century."
I come from the Nerdrum School myself, and find many similarities with this group that is organized in California and see them as one of many pockets of painters who are striving for the same lofty goal: to paint like the Odd Masters, or better!
"I think some people come to painting through drawing and others through a sense of area and color and of shape. For me drawing was the earliest and most important contributor to my work."
MP: Contemporary representational art is the most exciting, progressive area in the art world. Postmodern ideas have stagnated