republican debates

They bring up his strength, and you respond with his authoritarian statements, his incitement of thuggery at his rallies, his wish to expand the libel laws to silence his detractors, and his illegal plan to kill the families of terrorists. The mole takes a beating.
Republican front-runner Donald Trump said he would not be attending.
In any case, if Trump wins this election, I predict that this proud progenitor of phallic towers bearing his name will immediately mount a series of erections: first a 2000-mile-long wall rising 50 feet along the Mexican border, and then a wall of equal height along the Canadian border--to keep millions of Americans from fleeing his reign.
Watch as he curses his way through events, even as he condemns a Mexican official for dropping an F-bomb on TV.
In a pointed jab at Republican candidates, Sanders joked that Republican debates were further proof that America needed to invest in improving mental health.
If I were to write about Donald Trump in Wikipedia or have to describe him, the term winner would never be part of the discussion. A winner doesn't spend his life suing, threatening to sue, and being sued.
This election may not yield the gentle outcome and humane transition I hope for, though I will continue to work for that. Either way we can be sure Christ will not return in a tank carrying an automatic weapon. We are in a sea change.
It is time for Sen. Rubio to face the truth: He will not succeed in his campaign to become President of the United States.
I don't want my artisan bakery to fail, leaving me with only see-thru white bread that has no wonder. I don't want my government
A Tea Party star's State of the Union response ticks off the far right. More than once.
Fruitcakes singing near an open fire?
The recent Planned Parenthood attack, committed by a non-Muslim, was terrorism. The Charleston church massacre, carried out by another non-Muslim, was terrorism. The Sandy Hook shooting, in which 26 people lost their lives, was also terrorism.
If our political leaders want to lead, and if they want our policies in the region to be successful and endure better than they have over the past decade, they should take a long look at how we got to where we are.
This is the new normal of bully journalism. Goad, incite, confront and, hopefully, spark a fight. Bully journalism has nothing to do with facts. It's about the ratings. Confrontation sells, for the same reason that a fight in the high school hallway draws a crowd.
It's been a few weeks since I surveyed the Republican presidential field, but recent developments seem to indicate it's time to take another look. While much attention has been paid to Fox's reshuffling of who will appear on which debate stage, virtually nobody's talking about the complete collapse of Carly Fiorina's polling.
“What happened at that CNBC debate that transformed this crew from 'The Expendables' to the cast of 'Scooby-Doo’?"
Hearing an African American presidential candidate compare the mild health care reform provisions of the Affordable Care Act to slavery is hyperbole that is worth paying attention to.