Republican Governors Association

By Andrew Perez and Margaret Sessa-Hawkins, MapLight A dark money organization that has spent millions to finance conservative
Former Republican Congressman Tom Tancredo is considering a run for governor because he’s “bored” and mad at Republicans
A long-rumored federal investigation into campaign funds and fundraisers for New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez were confirmed late Friday, advanced primarily by the Santa Fe New Mexican and New Mexico Political Report.
Neville is an across-the-board conservative, in the Tea Party mold, from guns (opposing permits to carry concealed guns) and
Failed Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob Beauprez appeared on KNUS' Craig Silverman Show Saturday and blamed, among other things, the Republican Governors' Association (RGA) for his November loss to Democrat John Hickenlooper.
ince the news broke on this blog Nov. 6 that he was forming a "Stop Chris Christie PAC," former congressman Tom Tancredo
Even as Republicans are still warm from hugging each other, it's no surprise that Tancredo is launching a new campaign to stop New Jersey Gov. Chis Christie's presidential aspirations.
Whithorne's argument that NextGen Climate will be dramatically outspent by the Koch network is true on paper. The former
The fact that the formerly obscure Randolph-Macon College Economics Professor defeated U.S. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) in his bid for renomination to his congressional seat sent shockwaves through the body politic.
“The RGA and the DGA are first incumbent-protection groups,” he said. By Ben Wieder, Center for Public Integrity Michigan’s
The association previously had used the same rhetoric to attack South Carolina Democratic gubernatorial candidate Vincent
"I'm just really disappointed to see that approach or that position taken. It's just so fundamentally wrong in my view. The
"I suppose the take away here is that in 2014, as in every election that preceded it, people will say whatever they think
WASHINGTON -- New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is a lawyer, and these days, with his administration and reelection campaign
Ronald Reagan was no grand strategic theorist. But somehow the key elements of his approach -- a big military buildup, a campaign to delegitimize the Soviet Union, and especially the creation of SDI ("Star Wars") -- fit together to form a coherent strategic approach.
Former GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) are slated to appear together at a fundraiser
WASHINGTON -- The political calendar has New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) on a crash course with the Washington press corps