republican leadership

As Norman Lear told the Los Angeles Business Journal, "I don't want a President who's out of his f*cking mind."
It is no overstatement to note that with each passing day America is more the "Land of the Hypocrites and Barbarians" and less a land of morals and values than ever before. All this, while the world sits back and laughs.
Even if Obama decides to take executive action over executive action, Mitch McConnell says there won't be a government shutdown.
It was a miscalculation to delay action on immigration back in September, and it will continue to be a blight on the community's trust of the administration if, after November 4, President Obama does not act swiftly and use his authority to remedy the inaction of a gridlocked Congress.
As chairman of the powerful House Rules Committee, Rep. Pete Sessions (R-Texas) plays an integral role in determining exactly how productive Congress can be in passing legislation.
There are more than enough votes on the floor of the House to pass immigration reform with a pathway to citizenship if it is given an up or down vote. The only question now is whether the House Leadership decides that it is in their political interest to call the bill.
On issue after issue, the GOP has veered far from the mainstream of the American electorate. Worse, they are swimming upstream against a tide of changing demographics.
This week, the Republican leadership in the U.S. House of Representatives did something that you wouldn't think is even possible: they introduced (and then the House passed) a five-page bill that, despite its brevity, may violate two separate provisions of the United States Constitution.