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La Kretz is L.A.'s HP Garage. To borrow an overused term from a highly disruptive technology to describe LACI and La Kretz
They're unhappy with Donald Trump, but can't agree on anyone else.
A Reuters examination of Trump's golf course investments shows that he has likely lost millions of dollars on his golf projects.
This was probably the least bombastic speech Donald Trump has given during the entire campaign. He did his best to control his impulsive narcissism. He didn't lash out at any critics. He promised to unite the Republican Party.
Trump wants to run the government but doesn't feel he's accountable for paying the taxes necessary to run the government or, for example, to cover the cost of federal benefits for those veterans he claims he loves so much.
Perhaps our memories are too short. We need to return to that moment in Ames, Iowa. When you disrespect veterans who made the greatest sacrifices for our country, you are unfit to serve as commander-in-chief of the United States Armed Forces.
Everywhere (Facebook, Twitter, blogs, respectable news sites, gossipy web pages, you name it), there have been headlines about how hugging your dog is harmful and wrong! wrong! wrong!
This was not an easy feat. By having a clear message, he is able to use it as a go-to when he might not have an answer for
Removing the roughly 6.8 million immigrants who are illegally employed would cause a slump of $381.5 billion to $623.2 billion in private sector output, the study found.
Sure, it's funny -- when you first consider it. But then the more you think about it, the more sense it actually makes. After all, is "Trump/Ventura 2016" really that much more outlandish than "Donald Trump, Republican presidential nominee" first sounded?
Look at Trump through the filters of any human enterprise--spirituality or psychology; motivational literature or business
You might be asking yourself, "why would a woman ever vote against her own interests," but that's assuming I understand complicated words like "her," and "own." There are plenty of reasons feminists should vote for Donald Trump. Mainly because as a woman, I don't have to be rational!