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Let me tell you about a hypothetical election between two candidates (A and B), who both happen to be very real. See if you can decide who would do the best job of the two of them.
Sure, America and the free world need to find answers to home grown radical Islamic terrorism and global networks of terror, but the answer cannot be the simplistic and bigoted proposals of Donald Trump.
"We probably have more patriotic Puerto Ricans than almost any other state."
Latino organizations are coming together in the wake of Donald Trump’s hosting appearance on "Saturday Night Live" to call
These debates are high-stakes card games and pragmatic Republicans need to stand up and firmly bid No Trump before he tarnishes the GOP brand even further. While Trump can't be ignored, he can be exposed.
I have little experience relevant to this job that I do not intend to do, and I'm willing to put forth no effort at any point during this campaign. But with George Pataki entering the race, I realized that I, too, am a largely unknown heterosexual white man in America. Even Bob Ehrlich is thinking about getting in. If they can, why not I?
What separates us from Iran or al-Qaeda if we are going to pick our presidents according to religious litmus tests? Perhaps Romney could have quoted the First Amendment and reminded people that it ensures every American's ability to exercise his faith. But he remained silent.
For a long time now, Senate and House Republicans have said their main goal is to defeat Barack Obama, and they have certainly behaved as though all else is secondary. Any lack of interest among the GOP rank and file would greatly threaten that.
Reporting from Washington-- As Mitt Romney defends his record running a private equity firm, he frequently points to a fast
"How about you talk?" Romney said. "Instead of shouting, why don't you say -- why don't you say what you believe? What's
All eyes are on New Hampshire’s first-in-the-nation primary now that the voters in Iowa have had their say. The presidential
Rick Santorum's implication is that the Democrats are responsible for broken families. If the breaking up of American families is truly the cause of our economic failures, which is an incredibly weak argument, he may want to point his finger at Republicans like himself.
Can game theory predict the outcome of the Republican presidential primary? The answer is yes.
Throughout this presidential campaign, there has been a lot of talk about the influence the Tea Party would have on the race
Romney and Gingrich are trying to soften the aggressive and "too ambitious" sides of their personalities that may be turning off more voters than turning them on.
Nearly a month after a SC spokesman for Rep. Michele Bachmann accused Newt Gingrich of trying to buy off the state's Tea