Republican values

The former president repeated his call for gun reform at a Democratic National Committee fundraiser.
Precisely the point Obama is making... eloquent ... raising awareness and sensitivities... personalizing the issues... challenging
I am often told to just switch my party because there's no honor in going down with the particular sinking ship that is the GOP. To them I say that the ship will do just fine once we throw some of the unnecessary cargo overboard.
HuffPost's Executive Health Editor Alana B. Elias Kornfeld asks Yelena Vorobyov to give three reasons why caring about health
You remember the Walmart Mom: In the 2008 election cycle, she was the swing voter to watch, but her identity changed radically depending on just who was watching.
Novak, aware of that natural weakness in his personality, never tired of seeking a more harmonious sense of being. That, I think, is what made Novak ultimately a good man.
Republican politicians all seem to be trying their hand at historic re-creationism to transform both the history and future of the Republican party into their own image.