republican voters

Don't be so sure. White women are still safe bets for the GOP.
Let me explain why. Something was clearly amiss in the minds of any who could watch what he was doing and conclude that Trump
This shows how the balance of power between good and evil in a nation can shift adversely. The truth is, I came to love these
****** Even though the ugly things about their candidate that these voters had seen have in no way been changed by any new
Even after the GOP nominee was caught bragging about sexual assault, supporters seem to be sticking with him.
For example, the 2000 film Thirteen Days portrays the most dangerous crisis thus far in human history: the 1962 Cuban Missile
So if Republican voters have no reason to second-guess these Republican experts' judgment about the seriousness of the danger
A new poll shows they see the GOP as more divided than ever.
"I just think it's important to fight this fight."