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They won't vote to fund the federal government if the bill includes any money for the family planning provider.
Some conservatives are already eyeing potential demands for that deadline. Although there is little consensus so far, some
The Pew poll surveyed 1,504 Americans by phone between Oct. 9 and Oct. 13. A Gallup poll released just before the start of
Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.), the ranking member on the Senate Budget Committee, summed up the last two weeks as "an unfortunate
The ABC/Washington Post poll surveyed 1,010 adults between Oct. 9 and Oct. 13, using live telephone interviews. Republicans
WASHINGTON -- Upping the stakes of the government shutdown, one of the largest U.S. labor unions is unveiling a six-figure
A third poll by CNN/ORC found that majorities of Americans are angry at everyone involved with the shutdown: Sixty-three
The more President Obama and Harry Reid assert their simple strategy -- we won't negotiate under these conditions; pass a clean budget patch and debt ceiling bill and then we'll talk -- the wilder the House Republicans are getting.
"Civilian faculty have been advised that not only can we not teach classes during a furlough, but also that we cannot send
WASHINGTON -- Congressional Democrats emerged emboldened Monday night from the breakdown in efforts to avert a government