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Set Up a Presence The first step toward getting reviews is to ensure customers have a place to leave them. Unless you're
How much can one, two, or a handful of negative reviews or posts actually damage an otherwise strong brand? This tale of
Photo: Sir Richard Branson is flanked by Payal Kadakia (left), CEO of ClassPass, and Tyler Haney, founder of Outdoor Voices
Sure, I love my college sports, but I bet my brilliant daughter will pick the puppies. What do you think?
These clients snuck by my radar that is designed to alert me of potential problems.
The Board released its email to a largely empty campus and terminated Ms. McKenna well before the start of the new academic
My colleague, John Larsen, and I have worked with dozens of Olympic sponsors on crisis preparedness and response over the last two decades. And while the Rio Olympics have focused much attention state of preparation, it is easy to forget about the extraordinary behind-the-scenes efforts around crisis and security planning.
Let's face it. Any one of us, regardless of age, can face an untimely departure from this world. In such an event, what would your digital legacy say about you for generations to come?
Most people think they are just sitting ducks, waiting around till some hacker or some angry person goes after them, and
Has Donald Trump become the poster child for entertainment public relations? To the denigration of real PR pros, yes. None