required reading

Getting ready to go back to school? Looking to start a book club? Here are 13 timeless books to read this fall.
Jacqueline Woodson’s "Another Brooklyn" explores Bushwick in the 1970s, where three girls grow into young women.
[...] how many times have you thought back and realized just how, well, grim some of them are? Did any of them ever make
"No, I Will Not Take the Men's Rights Movement Seriously" Lindy West, Jezebel Engaging with those who disagree with you can
Students would be more actively engaged and wouldn't dread coming home to do boring "homework." Instead, they would embark on innumerable journeys at night and come to appreciate the art of storytelling.
They're called "classics" for a reason.
The initiative is scheduled to launch September 2014, much to the pleasure of director Steve McQueen who said he dreamed
When Your Brown Body is a White Wonderland Tressie McMillan Cottom, Cottom sets aside discussions about the
In the modern world reading is an essential activity like eating or loving, going to war or even surrendering to a truth