Addressing the obvious Of course, the most obvious way to be an ethical consumer is to start buying fewer, nicer things from
Alex started a small online marketplace just for herself and fellow BU students. With the comfort and security of knowing
Nicole Lapin gives tips on what brands hold their value
The retail blog reports that some eBay sellers even said they make a living entirely from flipping Lululemon products online
I went to Prague looking for castles and old churches, and along the way I stumbled (there are a lot of cobblestones, and discovered a treasure of resale shops.
As some of the biggest names in the concert industry are wrapping up their summer tours or, like Garth Brooks, are getting ready to embark on a much anticipated new tour, the general public is often left wondering where all the tickets go for these popular concerts.
At a time when consumers are feeling the pinch to spend less, vintage and thrifting offer an opposing (and ethical) choice to cut-rate or fast fashion.
This vastly under-reported case has tremendous implications for millions of Americans and could undermine our ability to use sites like eBay and Craigslist -- or even hold old-fashioned garage sales.
In July 2009, an educational charity sold an 11-year-old Oldsmobile Intrigue at auction, where it was bought by Auto World
The idea that thrift store shopping is only for those who can't afford retail shopping is out of touch and out of style. The
Jill Alexander isn't your ordinary fashion reseller. She's the founder of The Divorcée Sale, where their tagline is "Her Past. Your Future."
Follow this handy list of Do's and Don'ts, and you'll be able to net some much-needed moolah in exchange for your closet castoffs.
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Turning trash into treasure is a way to survive -- dare I say come out ahead? -- in today's economy. What's wrong with reusing "stuff"?