Mario Garcia and Nivardo Delatorre happened upon the truck while searching for places to fish along Indiana's Salt Creek.
Moroccan rescue crews have been joined by international crews from Spain, U.K., UAE and Qatar, who sent emergency responders into the mountains where bodies remain buried under dust and rubble.
“There is someone distressed on the camera," an internet user wrote as a soaking wet man emerged from the thick mist in Alaska's Katmai National Park.
Military members completed the harrowing task more than 15 hours after a cable car suddenly stopped mid-journey.
Dan Ho, 63, was estimated to have "maybe an hour left" in him when he was rescued Monday near Long Island.
The countdown estimated when the five people aboard the missing Titanic-viewing submersible would run out of air.
The announcement follows the search team finding debris near the Titanic wreckage that appeared to be from the Titan vessel.
“I’m just sitting there thinking, what am I going to do, how am I going to survive this?” Lillian Ip told reporters. “I was about to give up.”
The children are safe after the reported "swimming accident" in Florida.
The Thai navy ship sunk in the Gulf of Thailand and ships and helicopters were working Monday to rescue sailors from the water.