rescue animals

The singer’s wife made the sad announcement Wednesday on Instagram.
"Max is a football player who fully supports a player’s right to kneel during the national anthem."
“It’s very common for dogs to become anxious in a kennel environment ― anxious and frustrated and bored.”
I've been in a 40-day vow of silence in preparation for Saturday's performance. According to the Himalayan masters, we leak
For 48 hours, he's eating out of a dog bowl, walking on a leash and getting headscratches from volunteers.
Shit's kind of heavy for all of us right now, and we have a long road ahead, but I thought maybe, just maybe, you'd like five minutes of light reading about how I saved a cat and she saved me.
The reality is, not every animal will have a home tomorrow. Or the next day, or the next. They won't even all have homes next year. So I rescue. And I triumph. And my heart breaks. But most importantly... I rescue.
Lambert is an African lion and, sometimes, an African lion blanket burrito.  
This shelter had a purrrfect solution to help two orphaned puppies.