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Kratu, a dog who was rescued from a dangerous situation, doesn’t let his past — or a competition — stop him from having fun.
Watch Dwayne the dog wear down her resistance on "The Late Show."
It was tough for us to say goodbye to Harlow. She really bonded with Terry. On this flight I was joined by Justin, who is
We landed in Raleigh about 4:30 and after cleaning up our trusty plane, "Dude", we headed home to our own pups and 12-hours
When we brought him home, it was as if he had always been with us.
 Even Matt's story of how he wound up beating caner only to find himself disabled and then to turn that reality into becoming
A: Thank you for saying that. It's definitely been a process but one that I am very glad that I undertook. Since starting
Layla was rescued nearly at the last minute from a shelter in North Carolina. She is a sweet dog with a great attitude and Crisis Dogs NC spotted her within an hour of he being put down. Mission - Getting Layla from a kill shelter to service dog training
Not all dogs enjoy bath time like this adorable gentle giant or this fox-lookalike little dog lounging in soapy water, but bath time is extra important for rescue doggies that are hoping to get adopted.
Odysseus was so severely malnourished when he was found that his story made even the most seasoned rescuers tear up.
"He is definitely one to keep us -- and his ever-growing number of followers -- smiling all day long," Hart said. This pup
My eldest daughter, Kit, made a movie trailer starring herself and Petey. It's a wonderful tribute to a wonderful dog. And she's a wonderful kid for doing it. Some days, when I miss that black-and-white face, I watch it. It makes me weep every time, but it also fills me with so much love.
Daisy the dog from Los Angeles was abandoned on the street as a puppy, likely because she has a congenital leg deformity
H/T Roxy. Prior to Roxy, Granados told HuffPost that Joey preferred to be alone and didn't show affection. But
"He is to be deployed to Iraq in the near future and couldn’t take Prinny with him," Norman told The Huffington Post in an
The pup's endearing appearance has since generated quite a following on the Internet, garnering close to 3,000 followers
This dog went from dejected to delighted after getting a new home. Spokey at her forever home. "We couldn't keep our eyes