rescued animals

Close your eyes and imagine this: You step out of your daily life and into a favorite storybook. You're back with "The Farmer in the Dell," standing in a beautiful green pasture.
He popped up between my arms, head bobbing against my chest. George looked up at my astonished face, and I was trapped in his sweet story. It was a magical moment. But I knew and my family knew that George wouldn't make it without some help.
By 2:30 p.m., a group of Florida Fish and Wildlife biologists arrived to aid the volunteers. They inspected and tagged the
The campaign will convert the farm into a bear sanctuary and education center. Additionally, Animals Asia will lease the
When an animal cruelty investigator responded to a concerned individual's tip that a neighbor had 13 or so cats in their
Someone really "fowled that shipment up," as someone on WHS's facebook page noted. That someone appears to be the sender
According to Fox News, the rest of the family and their two cats were uninjured from the fire. "It was all improvised," he
"We're planning to release them gradually back into the wild next spring at our special unit, which is at a secret location
Go to your local shelter or check out sites such as and ASPCA to learn more about how you can help abandoned
The video below, which appeared on BuzzFeed's YouTube channel and has been going viral, shows the hesitant release of a baby