residential mortgage backed securities

This settlement sends a strong message that banks that prey on customers and investors will be held accountable. I will continue to investigate financial institutions that bend the rules for their own benefit, and pursue equal justice for all New York families.
The probe is being conducted by the Securities and Exchange (SEC) and the special inspector general for the Troubled Asset
New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has privately criticized the Obama administration and the Department of Justice for not aggressively investigating dodgy mortgage deals that helped trigger the financial crisis, according to senators and congressional aides who met with him this month.
“The sharing of information and expertise has been certainly beyond anything I've ever seen or been aware of," Schneiderman
“The legal structure of mortgage backed securities is obviously flawed,” he said. “Until basic issues are addressed, you
Eric Schneiderman's lawsuit against Bear Stearns and JPMorgan Chase over mortgage-backed securities is like London at the start of the zombie movie 28 Days Later: devoid of human life.
That $26 billion figure has three parts: the government's interest in a vehicle that holds shares in insurer AIA Group (1299