James “Stew” Stewart wrote that he didn't believe "a good person of color" had ever been killed by an officer. He blamed the wording on voice-to-text technology.
The MSNBC journalist took over the rest of the hour after the "Hardball" host announced his resignation.
The "Hardball" host said Monday would be his last show.
Price submitted his resignation letter admitting the 2020 election's Iowa caucuses were a failure.
The California Republican's resignation, effective Jan. 13, comes a month after he admitted to using $250,000 in campaign funds for lavish personal expenses.
The U.S. energy secretary is expected to resign by the end of the year.
Chuck Park, who worked in the State Department for nearly a decade, says he's seen no signs of the so-called Deep State — only the "Complacent State."
The New Yorker's Jane Mayer investigated the allegation that unleashed seven other claims against the former senator -- and finds it doesn't check out.
President Donald Trump’s labor secretary Alex Acosta has stepped down amid new sex-trafficking charges against Jeffrey Epstein.
Trump defended his secretary of labor amid calls to resign over his plea deal with sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.