resistance training

The organization is looking for people ready to act in their own communities.
"Do I really have to strength train every... single... day?" If you're getting into this strength training stuff, this may be a thought going through your head. Short answer: no. Long answer: it depends.
Don't quit your job. Just go for a run!
At the end of the day, training has got to be enjoyable. Even for my professional athletes who do this for a living, I find we have to keep things fun and interesting. So pick a goal and get focused, but always remember to have fun!
What many people don't realize about lifting weights is that in addition to the physical benefits you'll gain, it has the ability to expand your life in so many other ways. Here are just a few of the ways you might see your life improve when you start lifting weights.
Gay men have always been body-conscious. We need to look good to attract each other. But it turns out we don't just do it to get laid: Muscles are actually good for you.
We work out our arms, abs, even our brains so why not our vaginas? Holistic Sex & Relationship Coach Kim Anami puts kegels to shame by adding weights to her routine. She joins HuffPost Live to explain why you should consider vaginacizing too!