When you just need some quiet — but you don't want to make your chatty kid feel bad.
“America is respected in the world again.” The vice president bragged about how other countries view the U.S. under President Donald Trump.
Jennifer Hudson made a surprise appearance to pay tribute to Aretha Franklin, who was posthumously awarded the Pulitzer Prize Special Citation and is the first woman to win the award.
The 92-year-old monarch spoke from her heart in what some people see as a veiled nod to Brexit divisiveness.
A royal tribute to the “queen of soul” made today’s Changing of the Guards at Buckingham Palace extra special.
Highlighting the iconic singer’s few gigs at his casinos seemed to belittle her.
“It’s in an era where some people are calling some women dogs."
And that gets to the second key: recognition of reciprocity. Connectedness is a two-way street. When we extend a hand to
When you remind your child to use her manners, you're not raising her to be compliant, you're raising her to know how to carry herself in the world.
Yesterday in DC, I had the honor of marching and protesting with hundreds of thousands of sisters and brothers from all over the country. Without a doubt, the event was feminist-centric, but as the people who attended knew, it carried an even broader theme: humanitarianism.