A small part of yoga is aerobic training, a greater part is resistance training, and a large part is flexibility exercise.
Known as “the man who doesn’t breathe,” Stig Severinsen holds the world record for holding his breath longer than anyone else: 22 minutes.
Naomi Shah's family was not exempt from these ailments. Ever since she can remember, her brother and father suffered from allergies and respiratory illnesses and while most of these often have a season, their symptoms persisted year-round.
This study, entitled "Health Changes in Fishermen Two Years After Clean-up of the Prestige Oil Spill" (abstract | full text
The article is available free on the JAMA website in PDF form here. My colleagues and I have been working for months, collecting
The Erika oil spill (1999) Oil spill clean-up brings workers and volunteers into close contact with chemicals that are known
Are the latest respirator recommendations adequate to protect clean-up workers? I'm not sure they are, but I'm glad that at least some of the brave workers out there will have the benefit of respirators if they need them.