Learn to say “no”: This is necessary in order to set up those said boundaries. If you feel you are too busy to have a regular
The hardest lesson has been to learn how to not do anything. After decades of believing in hard work, it has been difficult to train myself to let go of doing and focus on being, even though, truth be told, working hard never got me anywhere much. But how to not do anything when there is so much to do?
Ok, what can you do about that wish now that you have declared it, I ask. She stated her commitment to her To-Dos to get
If "you're suddenly not sleeping well or have developed insomnia," Tarkan writes, it may be time to block out some time to
So how do you do this joyful resting thing? You can sit or lie down, have your eyes open or closed. Observe how your body
I have found that my vocal chords and my throat are like a canary in a cave. If they don't feel right, a cold, flu or other general cootie is generally right around the corner. Does this send panic through me as I set out to sing or act? Yes it does. Does the same issue hold true for public speaking? Yes it does.
Forgiveness, you think, might be a good idea. But you may not know how to get there from here.
At 59, there's one thing I know I can always rely on to make me happy.
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Many of us are so busy doing whatever it takes to keep all the balls bouncing that we fail to even notice how depleted we are becoming until the wheels begin to fall off our wagon and something forces us to stop.