restore our future

However, to be fully present and live in the moment, and at the same time enjoy the journey, we must first reconcile with
Think outside groups aren't forces of destruction? Just ask the former speaker.
The nearly four-year FEC investigation led to a $50,000 penalty.
Whereas the previous masculine-orientated energy wished to stand visible and powerful, like the tower on the hill, the feminine energy is more subtle.
One of the common bonds that most parents share is the desire for their children to have a better life than their own -- or at least as good. I am concerned that this desire is becoming more of a dream than a certainty. How can we change that?
Many of us were collectively calling out for a fresh start at the end of 2012, which often manifests itself in the form of resolutions -- that may already be broken. But you don't need a new year to make improvements, just a fresh outlook.
The group also received generous contributions from Oracle CEO Larry Ellison, the third-richest American according to Forbes
In appealing to social conservatives who were receptive to Santorum's message, Romney stated in an interview in Missouri
After some pamphleteering, several members of the blue crew dined at a nearby Thai resident, where, over the course of an
For Obama's part, he has also taken positions that align with the industry-specific priorities of his biggest donors. There
************************* "This is, by far, the most advertising we’ve seen in a presidential election," Erika Franklin Fowler
What's happening in your district? The Huffington Post wants to know about all the campaign ads, mailers, robocalls, candidate
On the Democratic side, American Bridge made a smaller ad buy Monday of $111,000, with an additional $50,000 spent on targeted
Americans for Job Security, another Republican PAC, is also airing ads in Pennsylvania, putting up $1.1 million worth of
Priorities USA Action, the super PAC supporting Obama, raised $13 million in the first half of October, according to a report
Maryland-based real estate investor Edward St. John, a donor to Democrats and Republicans at the state-level, made a $1 million
Independent groups remained the most negative, with 95 percent of ads from the Republican groups and 88 percent from the
The second ad, "Better," focuses on President Barack Obama's economic policies. A narrator states that "high unemployment