restraining order

New Jersey judge John Russo Jr. is facing suspension for mistreating a woman who was seeking a restraining order from her attacker.
The Spears family has frequently fought the singer's former manager Sam Lutfi in court, starting with a previous restraining order in 2009.
Land grab "defies centuries of democratic values" and threatens wildlife, says court action.
"I am innocent and I did not do what I have been accused of doing," the lawyer said late Tuesday.
A Canadian man was arrested after trespassing on Kendall Jenner's property multiple times.
The governor's battles with other Republican state officials just keep getting worse.
Frank Andrew Hoover threatened to "end all the Swifts."
The order, obtained before she filed her lawsuit, was meant to block her from speaking out about her alleged affair with the president.
An injunction prohibits or requires an action. It is often associated with the terminology "restraining order" that may be
Experts believe that domestic violence victims are at the highest risk of being killed when leaving an abusive partner. Why don't our gun laws reflect that?
Facebook recently crept over 1.23 billion monthly active users, while over the past few days the social media giant's site has crashed, leading to multiple catastrophes across this great land.
A man who was twice convicted of stalking actress Mila Kunis escaped from a secured mental health facility in Pomona, California
I recently had the most fascinating consultation with a gentleman who was interested in the possibility of my representing him as his lawyer.
Divorce can be a tough process that heightens emotions and tensions. Removing yourself completely from the threatening environment can often be the best course of action and always call the police if you do not feel safe. Then move ahead with consulting with the family law attorney.
Paralyzed with fear, it took her five months to tell anyone about the abuse and seek help. One crisp Michigan morning she
I needed to create a trail on this guy. Just in case he did it to someone else, the police would have a record of it. And maybe the next target would be helped. Could be helped. Because they've done it before, and will do it again.
Hospitals know that for some children a miracle is not a viable prospect, so let's not use that word for any patient.
Anger and jealousy do not last forever, but a gunshot fired in an impulsive rage often does. Easy accessibility to lethal guns makes a fatal difference over and over again.
The University of Texas' student government elections has been an object of derision in recent years. A judge in Travis County