The structure of the our living room, the system we established and operated in, dictated the manner in which we interacted
Stop your sugar intake. We all know sugar is bad for our body. If you don't know this yet, read this. Stop chocolate, cakes
Baby alligators and day-old ducks can be mailed, but probably not together.
"It is common sense," one may exclaim in exasperation, "that reading and texting while driving is dangerous. Isn't the warning superfluous?"
Married Iranian women, even if they hold a valid passport, require their husband's permission to depart the country, regardless of age. For obtaining or renewing a passport, a notarized permit from the spouse is required.
John Celock joins Marc to talk about new potential food stamp restrictions in Kansas.
Amanda Terkel joins Mike to discuss a motorcycle safety bill that included some abortion restrictions.
Between 2008 and 2010, the number Latino voters registered to vote actually declined by about 600,000 voters, leaving the