Transgender people would face a $50 fine for using "wrong" bathroom.
For the past 14 years, the Ohio-based specialized services firm Cintas has conducted the America's Best Restroom Contest
The current bifurcated restroom designation contradicts the realities of peoples' sexed bodies, gender identities and gender expressions.
Well that blows. For the study, the researchers contaminated people's hands with harmless Lactobacillis bacteria that normally
If you have to scribble down bathroom graffiti, put some heart and truth into your work. The written material and frescos I'm provided with in communal restrooms almost never meet my expectations -- besides the little man on the boat, of course.
While some establishments view non-patrons using their restrooms as an inevitable annoyance, others don't take the issue
My body is in L.A. but my head is somewhere over the Mediterranean Sea. I landed in L.A. after 31 hours of traveling. I don't really mind long plane trips. I begin to relax when I get in the taxi. That's when I relinquish control.
There were, of course, moments when my mission seemed completely ridiculous. Nevertheless, hunting toilets around the world for my book "A Loo with a View" was a great adventure
If you're single and ready to mingle, it's important to know where you can meet other people who are similarly single and