The anti-bullying activist casually mentioned that someone told her to intern at the White House because it would be "amazing" on her resume.
So before you send in a resume, put yourself in the hiring manager's position. Will your resume inspire trust and respect
13. Did you develop new business or enlarge a market? (How?) 2. Did you save the company money? (How much?) Would love to
I've saved this for last but not because it's the least important. As a matter a fact - it's the most important. Get your
I decided to travel around the world with Up with People for six months in order to gain skills needed to break into the
2. Social media is a great tool, but the real "tool" of this story (Donny) dug his own grave. Threatening posts will not
Adebimpe Mbang Femi-Oyewo, Kinnect: Connecting for Good, Lagos, Nigeria. People come together to address social challenges
I don't mind telling you that early in my search to land a new teaching job my interviews were abysmal.
If you're navigating the job hunt, surely you're taking some time to revamp your resume. If that's the case, one of the questions that you might have is whether or not you need an objective statement on your resume. The objective statement is basically a few bullet points saying what you're looking for -- a short, targeted statement regarding your ideal job.
The one-page rule is an outdated myth.
In addition to "running the household," which involves keeping my family alive and our apartment from becoming mold-infested
A resume is a synopsis of your professional life. Like a snapshot, it just has to show that you were doing something while you were there. It isn't exciting, in fact it's downright boring. Still, you have to have it, and for most of us, it's hard to write because we too often doubt ourselves.
The modern-day cover letter is your introduction—of any kind—to the employer.
Professional Contact Info What job you are applying for Where you heard about the job Why you're interested/qualified for
Tip #2: Apply to more rather than less Students who take the time to apply to more schools often are the ones who will get
It is still a tough job market out there. And some folks will go to great lengths to get noticed by employers and recruiters. Jobseekers even grab headlines for the unconventional tactics they employ.
Answer by Nela Canovic, productivity hacker, writer, and Silicon Valley entrepreneur, on Quora: What are the best skills
Summertime is one of the best times for high school students. Daily routine and structured days give way to sunshine and mostly empty calendars. Apart from taking a much-needed break from academics, students should use their summers to expand on their interests.
Listen, I get it: Your desire to stand out among the rest of the resumes in the pile is strong. But the best way to do it is truly with a strongly written, clear and concise resume.
Admission to your dream college is not only contingent on academic success, but also your extracurricular work. College admission officers want to know you as more than just a number- they want to know what makes you tick - what are you passionate about, what drives you?