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Your skills may be more transferable than you think.
Activism can give you invaluable job skills but may also be judged negatively by some hiring managers.
Conventional wisdom is overturned again.
We all know you have references available upon request.
From resume suggestions to interview pointers, get ready to feel inspired.
When you think about putting your resume together, the first thing that comes to mind is likely which skills you should include
Are you 100 percent invested in your current position? Your ready-to-go resume tells me that the answer might be "no." Instead
Of the many resources displaced—or at least changed—by the rise of the Internet and the transition to all things digital
A resume is a synopsis of your professional life. Like a snapshot, it just has to show that you were doing something while you were there. It isn't exciting, in fact it's downright boring. Still, you have to have it, and for most of us, it's hard to write because we too often doubt ourselves.
It is still a tough job market out there. And some folks will go to great lengths to get noticed by employers and recruiters. Jobseekers even grab headlines for the unconventional tactics they employ.