Resurrection of Jesus

23 years later, the nation is in the midst of a rebirth, a resurrection.
Like Elwood P. Dowd, we've wrestled with "reality" for thousands of years; the Resurrection happily declares that Jesus has
There is a decision that can literally change a person's life forever. Easter is the opportunity to consider God's deal offered to us. We must decide to accept it or reject it.
Although these verses are found in the Gospel of John, one of our latest gospels, this little fragment of tradition stands alone and unique.
Two weeks ago my husband, our two boys and I spent spring break in Florida. Our first three days of the trip were dedicated to visiting the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios in Orlando.
The "Son of Man" The hardest chapter to write for my book on the Jewishness of Jesus was the one on resurrection. I tried
The increased interest of many Christians to know about the Jewishness of Jesus, and the interest from those in the Jewish community to know about the teachings of that first-century Jew, reflect some of the best of the interfaith awakening of our time.
I am convinced that the earliest Christian view of resurrection is not threatened by any of these latest discoveries and the notion of Jesus and his beloved brother James, united in life as in death, is an exceptionally moving one.
Like many big holidays, the celebration of Easter extends beyond the Church. Egg decorating, egg hunting and the Easter Bunny
Hope is never more needed than on the Saturdays we face. Something has gone. Something has died. Something or someone that once filled a great place within has left us just as empty as we were once full, just as lonely as we were once befriended, just as uncertain as we once were so sure.