As if you needed another reason to drink coffee...
It makes you happier... duh. But apart from the pure joy you get while drinking it, red wine may actually fight depression
The hope is that, in the future, cancer patients may be able to take a resveratrol-derived drug to help their bodies become more sensitive to chemotherapy -- and help those drugs destroy those cancer cells once and for all.
"The results of the study were striking," Shetty said in a press release. "They indicated that for the control rats who did
It's clear that we simply don't know enough. "Although annual sales of resveratrol supplements have reached $30 million in
To see how the body used the red wine compound, Brown and her colleagues fed mice resveratrol sulfate, the modified form
The two compounds promote health because they work with vitamin D to increase expression of the CAMP gene, known to play
Researchers have found that the compound blocks the benefits of cardiovascular exercise in older men. In a small, eight-week
An aid in fighting cancer Michael Nicholl, an assistant professor of surgical oncology at the University of Missouri School
Mentioning a glass of red wine makes most people smile. It has been suggested that the reason the French have such a low rate of cardiovascular disease is because they consume large amounts of red wine.