The United Food and Commercial Workers union fears the relaxed guidelines will create more uncertainty for grocery workers.
You could be charged more just for walking inside a store.
Retail sales jumped 17.7% last month, the largest increase in decades, and shows signs of improving after hitting bottom amid the pandemic.
The retail industry is suffering as the coronavirus pandemic continues to disrupt the U.S. economy.
Business shutdowns caused by the coronavirus kept shoppers away.
The report came as millions of Americans are thrown out of work due to the pandemic.
Retailers see e-commerce as a way to survive the coronavirus pandemic. Their warehouse workers wonder if they'll survive it, too.
People are stockpiling – or "panic-buying" – toilet paper, pasta, canned goods, hand sanitizer and soap. Why, and what impact is it having?
Retailers have a long, troubled history of hijacking feminism for profit, not progress.
The beauty retailer will close more than 400 stores Wednesday for inclusion workshops as part of its new campaign, "We Belong to Something Beautiful."