Bed Bath & Beyond has filed for bankruptcy protection, but the company says its stores and websites will remain open and continue serving customers.
When the New Jersey store closes its doors on April 16, it will leave only three remaining U.S. locations for the former retail powerhouse.
"Do we celebrate these steadfast retail and hospitality professionals? Not anymore. In fact, should they dare to fail to meet our pre-pandemic expectations, we might hit them with an 'I want to speak to the manager.'"
After omicron hit, some consumers stayed home and shifted their spending to e-commerce -- but sales stayed strong.
At least 50 retail workers called out of work over the holiday, demanding better paid sick leave, hazard pay and other benefits amid the pandemic.
The United Food and Commercial Workers union fears the relaxed guidelines will create more uncertainty for grocery workers.
You could be charged more just for walking inside a store.
Retail sales jumped 17.7% last month, the largest increase in decades, and shows signs of improving after hitting bottom amid the pandemic.
The retail industry is suffering as the coronavirus pandemic continues to disrupt the U.S. economy.
Business shutdowns caused by the coronavirus kept shoppers away.