retail therapy

It is almost a rule nowadays to associate smiling happy women and frowning men while going shopping and buying clothes. The reverse might be true when we talk about buying computers or different technical equipment.
You might not realize it, but shopping that comes with a minimal price tag for us often comes with a hefty cost for the factory workers who make these inexpensive items.
This just in! Retail therapy actually works! We love to give you tips and tricks to make sure you are the happiest & healthiest
I recently had a friend say to me (jokingly of course), "I wish my health insurance covered retail therapy." In fact a new study out by TNS Global found that half of all Americans have admitted to engaging in one form or another of retail therapy.
In a paper entitled "The Benefits Of Retail Therapy: Making Purchase Decisions Reduces Residual Sadness" in the Journal of
I went on a bender and it felt so good even though it was so bad. After almost four years of pregnancies, nursing, carrying extra weight from fertility meds, and then delivering twins, I finally lost it. BLACK YOGA PANTS BE DAMNED! It was time to revamp my wardrobe.
So how, this shopping season, do you avoid hedonic decline and find the joy not only in the buying, but also in the owning? Below, a few tips for prolonging retail therapy afterglow.
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Think buying yourself a little something is a fix for when you're feeling down? A new study shows that hitting the stores can actually make loneliness and anxiety worse! We tell you why pulling out the credit card really isn't a cure-all. Terrence Shulman joins HuffPost Live to discuss.