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Perez said he has met retail managers who would have already asked for overtime pay, had they not feared the repercussions
What sometimes makes retail stressful are the situations that you have to figure out for yourself. Your boss or trainer only told you the basic things (or maybe they didn't) and then you had to fend for yourself. Here are a few things that people wished they had been taught.
Sales are slumping and the retailing giant desperately needs people to start buying more stuff. They can't do that without happier workers.
"These ordinances were drafted in large part behind closed doors, with last minute changes that brought numerous other employers
Container Store CEO Kip Tindell speaks to employees. (Image courtesy The Container Store) The chain went public in 2013 and
Santos said she was hired at Zara two years ago, making $9.50 an hour and working roughly 35 hours a week. A raise to $10.50
As told to Ariel Edwards-Levy. I just got hired for a new job. I'm going to be working from home doing customer service for
Doug Simpson, the employee who spearheaded the union effort at the Vegas location, said he hoped a union contract could ultimately
According to Walmart's website, the average wage for a full-time store worker is $12.83 per hour, which translates into a
"Some were terminated, some were let go," said Givens-Thomas, who kept her job but was written up by superiors. "It just