Go back and review last year's sales to see what items were your best-sellers and which ones didn't sell that well. This
A lot has been written about the decline of the brick-and-mortar side of the retail sector--so much in fact that it can be easy to think that the sector itself is in decline. Take a step back from a focus on the retail stores of our childhood memories, and what emerges is a sector that is remarkably nimble in the ways it is adjusting to and profiting from the retail environment of today.
As the popularity of online shopping has grown over the past decade, ecommerce has become more than just a buzzword for progressive retailers. It's quickly become a viable addition to the traditional brick and mortar setup.
We have a problem, and we can’t keep pretending like it doesn’t exist. Fashion is one of the most pressing global issues
According to an article from, as of September 2015, more than 50,000 businesses had enrolled in Uber and the
By Andrew DePietro, Finance Writer Walmart offers plenty of savings on gardening products such as flower pots, planters and
Banks have no doubt taken note of this emerging "competitor" and are now forging alliances with these entrepreneurs with
Non-members can use these cards to shop at Costco, and they can even exceed the total value as long as they pay the remaining
By Valencia Higuera, Contributor As the top global retailer, Walmart is a force to be reckoned with in the retail industry
Dr. E. Faye Williams is president and CEO of the National Congress of Black Women and former Counsel to the U.S. Congress
What digital platforms have not done, despite their peer-network models and media-rich capabilities, is replace the need for true physical, human interaction.
What brand means the most to you: the brands of products you sell in your store? The answer is: "No!" The most important brand to you should be the brand of your store itself.
By Laura Woods, Contributor Valentine's Day is the most romantic day of the year, but it's also one of the most expensive
There are five things I have done that have helped my retail business. It's not a secret, but if you are hanging on and love what you do, here are some things you can do to start helping you and your company.
3. Macy's The brand is well-known for its quality merchandise and effortless, "cool" look that perfectly captures current
The significance of Black Friday remains intact, but thanks to the emergence of Black Friday as a brand, coupled with early promotions and the Internet-driven growth of omni-channel methods, it has been dramatically changed.
So if you visit a retailer's site and aren't impressed with its current promotion, "wait and watch for something better if
How do you know whether Black Friday prices will be better than any reference prices or deals earlier in the year? You can make your best guess based on your own shopping experience, or you can consult websites like
If you travel overseas regularly, you've probably already seen chip card technology in action. It's based on a global standard called EMV and is already at work in countries moving to cashless options for private and public goods and services.