Dealing with life after retirement is a dilemma many face at their career's end. If you're wondering what to do when you retire, here are some tips to make those precious years fulfilling and joyful.
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You should pay financial advisers the same way you pay other professionals (CPAs, attorneys) you depend on for specialized
The relentless hyperinflation of drug prices needs to end, but it won't happen without major changes in policy. Some actions or proposals have included (but are definitely not limited to):
Whether you have a dollar or a million dollars in your retirement account you will be able to explore the value of a real
Scarily, pre-retirement spending can increase by as much as 28% in the first five years, a number that can increase to as
Before my husband retired, I worried about what would happen after 40 years of high-intensity medical practice at a relentless pace. But he longed for retirement. He'd been on the front lines, as he called it, for over 40 years, and he was exhausted.
Confused about retiring? Don't panic. We asked 15 Certified Financial Planners about what to do before anything else.
Yes, small business owners do have options. One option is the Roth IRA. A Roth IRA is a fantastic vehicle to prepare for
It's a bit unsettling, realizing I won't need a resume anymore. This semester is the start of my 17th year teaching journalism at Emerson College in Boston. It is the 37th year since I started teaching journalism. It will be my last.
Stocks are being ignored as well, which experts say provide long term yields in the 6% marker, sometimes as high as 7%. Even
What's the Wall Street lesson for Volkswagen executives? Too big to fail companies can rip-off the American public, executives can earn millions in additional compensation, and no one is held accountable for "corporate" decisions.
Standing knee-deep in clear Caribbean blue water looking back at the white-sand beach and the swaying palms, I thought it over. I was on vacation, but what was stopping me from living here? Rent here was a fraction of what I paid for my apartment in Washington, D.C.
Retirement is often thought of as a far off and hard to achieve nirvana, here are a few endearing myths that may throw off your financial planning.
One of Europe's most historic outposts, the archipelago of Malta is today also one of this region's top emerging retirement havens. If your dream is retirement on the Med, you may not have considered Malta, but you should.
“Warm weather may be an initial draw, but all the sunny days in the world won’t make you happy if you’re constantly stretching
Here are my predictions for 2015, to make your year rich in returns and light on costly mistakes.
This demographic trend combined with longer life expectancies due to medical advances and a historically low birth rate have helped to create a perfect storm for potential future insolvency.
Most people don't want to "do nothing' all day. We have hopes and dreams, goals and ambitions. We want to contribute to the world, make it a better place, not "retire" from it to a life of "leisure."