Retirement community

Evelyn, 98, takes "love thy neighbor" to heart. When the retirement community where the nonagenarian lives discontinued its
Midlife women are doing it again. As we did in our 20s, we are questioning fundamentals, challenging the status quo, being stubbornly bohemian and embracing the unconventional. Boomers are tenaciously breaking down stereotypes about aging and redefining life after 60. However, this raises an important question.
Here’s how LGBTs can find housemates after 60 -- and avoid legal problems and personality conflicts Social isolation is a
This Super Bowl season, Taco Bell and its ad agency, Deutsch L.A., have rolled out a TV spot brimming with stereotypes, a storyline that's absurd and denigrating.
Every day, 10,000 more Americans turn 65. The baby boomers are behind an unprecedented agequake that will shake up not only this country, but the rest of the developed world. How will this vast new market impact the economic and social landscape?
But what seemed to be an infuriating case of age discrimination against Otto turned out to be more of an age-of-technology
Vowing to never retire to an age-segregated retirement community is akin to the '60s pledge of never trusting anyone older