Ionut says his goal is to create dreamscapes -- both the positive and negative kind. Below is a selection of our favorite
The young and super talented Hungarian singer, Boggie, does not only reveal her new track but also her secret digital make-up in her latest video. It carries a somewhat deep message about how women are nowadays perceived by the public.
This isn't about shaming naturally thin women, it's about (1) calling out an industry that requires women to be unhealthy and then hides the harmful consequences and (2) acknowledging that even people who are a part of that industry don't necessarily have the power to change it.
"Sorry, as a magazine editor, I know what it's like to flip through dozens of shots to find the right one. And, do you know what gets my e-mail gong? "That shot, her lipstick is smudged. Her shirt is wrinkled."
When we retouch, we say to our clients, "You're better this way." "You're better with a flatter tummy." "You're better with skinnier arms." "You're better with a rounder bum." "You're better without that scar." Who do we think we are?
We just can't get enough: [H/T Photoshop Disasters] If you wanted to purchase Independent Trading Co.'s women's full-zip
So (a) I don’t really wear makeup that much anyway, so part of it is just a selfish, lazy thing, and (b) I want to be me
British retailer Debenhams is taking a stand against digitally altered images -- by pledging to limit their Photoshopping
I've been working as a professional retoucher for many years. Now I mostly work on fashion and beauty ads, but I've done
With a little practice, you'll start seeing photographs that you once might have ignored or passed by because of minor imperfections, which can now be convincingly removed in instants with the tap of your fingers.
You may do it without thinking. You select a warm filter from Instagram for that photo of you and your friends, or you hit
(From: Beautiful Decay) Andrzej Dragan's style of photography is gritty and raw. Detail of the skin is usually retouched
Spanish GQ has fired back at model Irina Shayk who claimed the magazine Photoshopped her to be nude in a recent editorial
Imperfection is fine, as is the desire to always be beautiful. It's how we define both and who gets to define either that makes the argument over retouching interesting and never-ending.
I think the shock came from the incongruity of a woman of mature age dressed like an extra from the Halloween scene of Mean Girls - a movie about high schoolers, in case you have forgotten.