As Rick says, Wherever you are, I send loving greetings from New Haven. Treat yourself to an oasis. Now. Two days after the
They assign everyone a work studio plus a private bedroom in a group house. But I chose to sleep in my isolated writer's
Self-criticism, loneliness, and uncertainty about the future are some of the biggest challenges for adolescents. This study
Tibetan buddhist master Mingyur Rinpoche explains how nearly dying during a four-year long solitary retreat provided the perfect opportunity to meditate.
Who doesn't occasionally need a break, a time out, or a day to themselves? Our busy lives often leave us feeling frazzled
When I had down time I would wander up to the kid's camp just to see how my girls were doing. My 12 year had no time for
The sharing economy has many critics but one of the most interesting benefits it provides is the ability to quickly and easily connect with a good or service in a very individual way.
Spiritual retreat is time set apart to be in quiet, rest, and solitude with God. For generations, people have gone on spiritual retreats to encounter God and experience spiritual renewal.
Wild creativity lives within us all. Whether or not we play with it, whether or not we use our creative gifts to make art, only requires choosing to do so.
We all need time away, if only to appreciate the beauty and splendor of home upon returning. For me, here are the top three long-lasting benefits to attending a retreat.
If weather allows (hopefully!), we will visit Walden Pond, Arlington Heights, or Milton Heights for community hiking. If
How great is it when a nice guy or girl finishes first? I was overjoyed to see on my LinkedIn feed that a former colleague
Source: Michael Vanarey Yoga: Elif Tanverdi 1. You can do it with a beer in your hand. Joking (kind of). My point here is
3. In the same home, Aldaco planted a cluster of palm trees in front of the bedroom wing. A sculpture by the architect is
And isn't life just like that sometimes? You can strategize and plan your morning down to the minute and then you will suddenly and inexplicably find a giant, gasping, half-dead behemoth at your feet and you will have to decide what to do.
Just this moment, being present, a breath into the silence of the heart, life is resonating, connected, and ecstatic in all its diversity. Purification, concentration, and awakening is happening in each of us.
If young men were taught to follow their hearts more, we would live in a very different world. Instead, most young male hearts are wounded and armored. Laying down the armor and opening up the heart is the first step to experiencing the true fullness of a deeply meaningful human life.
If you are truly serious about your spiritual development, and want to begin progressing at a faster pace, I would recommend you go on a mindfulness meditation retreat. I've seen people transformed in just a matter of days at the retreats I have attended. And once you experience the full power of the retreat for yourself, then you too will make it part of your routine.
It was a few days before the beginning of Lent when I spotted the tree, a valley oak standing at the trailhead. I was on retreat at the Bishop's Ranch, a bucolic spot deep in California wine country and I had intended to take a brisk solo hike in the woods. But the old valley oak, its deadness, stopped me in my tracks.