retro hair

When we first saw Cut's "100 Years Of Beauty In 1 Minute" video that chronicles the most iconic makeup and hairstyles every
When we think of retro beauty, we consider the neatly lined lips, fluttery eyelashes and the pièce de résistance -- that
The 1950s was defined by tremendous social and political change, as women challenged nonsensical ideas about their role in society and African-Americans spoke out against inequality.
While photos and films portray both the chaos and calm of the '50s, one thing that stands out to us in all the imagery are
Audrey Hepburn, 1961 Sarah Silverman, 2013 Kate Pierson and Cindy Wilson from The B-52s, 1980 Barbra Streisand, 1964 The
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Pompadours, victory rolls, pin curls and other vintage inspired creations are donning the domes of the hottest celebs. So