rett syndrome

Personal stories highlight the importance of Medicaid for individuals with disabilities and their families.
Melody has a rare disorder that had doctors believing she wouldn't live past age 4.
Rett Syndrome Research Trust It isn't easy to stand before hundreds of people and tell your story, especially when it's filled
Having been catapulted into the world of special needs almost exactly 6 years ago, I have several close friends who have children with DS, and many of them have taken an active and passionate stance against some media's one-sided portrayal of this new test as an unequivocally "good thing."
In a way, these half-written blogs and unfinished reflections sum up the past six months pretty well: a collection of emotions and experiences with few clear ends or answers, with dangling ellipses and uncertain next chapters.
My cousin is a leader, championing the cause to find a cure for Rett Syndrome. She is a role model, inspiring girls everywhere with her wisdom and perseverance. She is, to put it simply, a butterfly.
The documentary captures the compassion among a family forced to live with Rett syndrome. It seems that they can only count
Today is day 3, and we're doing alright. Yesterday we had 14 children round to play all morning, and another 3 in the afternoon - filling our home with those truly amusing humans Hannah loves and creating a chaotic normality indeed!
I have enough close friends with children whose milestones have, like Hannah's, not been reached, to know that I am not the only one who finds birthdays hard.
"She may look like a little kid, but she'll hate you if you treat her like one. She's trapped in a body that doesn't work. Inside, she's just like you." I said this to the millennials who applied. We rarely hired anyone who wasn't a millennial. Ariela wanted to be with her peers.
The saying goes "I thought I would have to teach my daughter about the world, turns out I have to teach the world about her." This has been true enough in the past four years, but it is also true to add that it turns out that my daughter has had to teach me. So, Merry Christmas, from a very proud and humbled mum, to the best teacher I've ever had.
They say that a crisis really shows you who your friends are. I don't subscribe to many things that "they" say, but this one, yes.
We knew something was wrong with our daughter. We'd known for a while. We just didn't know it was this something and we didn't know it was this bad.
On December 17, 2013, 3-year-old Magnolia aka "Maggie" Tesler was diagnosed with Rett syndrome -- a neurological disorder
Airplanes have always been a huge source of delight for my daughter Eliza, who was born with Atypical Rett Syndrome. So you can only imagine Eliza's thrill when she recently took her very first commercial flight to NYC.
I think it is important for us as parents of special needs children to realize that the world is catching on -- that others are opening their hearts to these amazing children and their families.