They're both juniors majoring in political science, and only just discovered they're related.
High school can evoke bad memories, of cliques and hormone-infused drama, of memorizing World War I dates, of diagramming sentences and conjugating Latin verbs and struggling through Calculus. Of being plagued by self-doubt and wanting desperately to fit in.
Hold a talent show. Who better to judge your tap-dancing skills than your own kin?  Print tote bags embossed with your family
A 28-year-old body isn’t as resilient as an 18-year-old one.
As one of the few clergy in our class, I was asked to participate in leading the service. When I climbed into the pulpit
After nearly 30 years apart, Bart and Brenda reunited with each other. And then, after a twist of fate, with their son.
Six times, we filled my old junior high school gym with tour alums who enjoyed reunions in the true sense of the word -- "old
Other than my wonderful family, my friends are my life's riches, and if I think about it, between my oldest friends, my adulthood friends, and my newer friends, I am rich beyond all measure.
It's college graduation season, which means that it's reunion season, too -- that time when college alumni go back to their alma mater and drink heavily to forget how old they really are. Here are 20 things that will (probably) happen when you go back to your 20th college reunion.