Cohen was sent home from prison in May because of the coronavirus pandemic.
His death is a potential turning point in the Middle East and is expected to draw severe retaliation from Iran.
The two got hitched in the Bahamas without the bloodshed of their fictional wedding on the ABC series.
The Texas Republican’s sexts don’t appear to be non-consensual, though posting them online certainly was.
Looking back at the last tumultuous year, to me, one of the saddest aspects of the Trump candidacy and presidency is that
"I could see the waiters were really annoyed but you know with a job on the line they can’t do much."
Revenge porn has become more common in recent years.
I don't have a lot of revenge fantasies. It's not that I'm such a goody-two-shoes. Well, okay, I'm a little bit of a goody-two-shoes. I believe in the power of Being Nice. Which is why I don't have much in the way of revenge fantasies. What I have, though, are apology fantasies.
Revenge isn't always sweet.
A new study says avenging a wrongdoer comes with pleasure and pain.
Ella was filled with angst and resented his cheapness. "Doesn't he care about the children? Doesn't he know he's hurting
I am no longer holding any anger towards my high school bully or seeking redemption. I don't need an apology to be able to
Andrews creates comfortable characters like Riley Griggs, the heroine of THE WEEKENDERS. Riley comes from a wealthy family
The bottom line is this: Why waste mental space thinking about how to take revenge on your husband and/or his mistress, rather than putting your focus on how to make your source of happiness and fulfillment independent of the pair of them?
The current trend in publishing seems to be for an author to churn out three or four books a year. At least it is the path