Brace Belden volunteered for six months in Syria with the Kurdish freedom movement where he helped fight ISIS.
As things currently stand, these protests more closely resemble a continuation of Iran’s long-standing civil rights movement rather than an attempt to overthrow the government.
It was a hundred years ago this week. The first snows had just fallen on Petrograd lighting up the dark. The Bolshevik Revolution
Tomorrow (Wednesday, March 8), at the Laemmle Theater Royal, we are invited to see the new fascinating documentary titled
Since the Stone Age, inequality has significantly lessened only after a war, revolution, state collapse or plague.
It has indeed begun to shift -- from a laser beam focus on genitals of trans people, to a willingness to pursue a self-examination as to the origins and implications of their own interest.
This is not something we will do from our comfortable armchairs. We, the Boomers and Millennials are in the streets and with
Sit back and watch, the revolution is happening before your eyes. Underwriters will become the new rock stars of the banking
In that talk on war I also emphasized the need to take care of our own. A year later, the day before I left you, I spoke