This list is a reminder for me as much as anything.
"Functioning ecosystems with large predators and large herbivores are just bloody marvelous."
It seems like December is a month for deep reflection on the past, present, and future. When I mention this to people they, too, seem to move in this direction, and it seems only natural to do so as many measure time by the passing of years.
Trophy hunting, or what some call "trophy murder," is a hot button issue. In a recent essay called "Is Trophy Hunting Really
The Iberá wetlands are witnessing South America’s largest experiment to reintroduce lost species, which will change the estuary’s appearance and dynamize its economy.
Plus, more and more experts have come around to the idea that genetic engineering isn't inherently dangerous, and that it
There is no way in our complex, challenging, and truly magnificent world, that humans can be left out of solutions for improving the lives of other animals, although we are so often the cause for conflict with them and for trumping their interests in favor of ours.
Actress Shailene Woodley has spoken about the ReWilding lifestyle, and writer Eliza Krigman wrote a story about her month
Just as the broader conservation effort focuses on restoring human-altered ecosystems to their wild, natural state, human
George Monbiot and Daniel Vitalis join HuffPost Live to explain how people can get in on the rewilding movement.
No one can disagree that adding compassion and rewilding in any number of arenas are good ways to move into the future. So let's just do it and continue to do so forever. Our planet is wounded and tired and needs to be rekindled, and we humans hold the key to the future. It's that simple.
Let us search for the truth on the other side of the stories we have running in our heads. Let us long to experience life as it really is, underneath our belief systems and programming.
While we won't ever get back the world we once had, we all need to do all we can to make sure that future generations inherit a planet that is the very best we can leave them.
Rewilding our hearts calls for a global paradigm shift, a social revolution, in how we interact with other animals and with other humans.
Julia Sosin, 21, an undergraduate student at Wayne State University, recently started working with the Reforesters. "It's
Compassion begets compassion and there's actually a synergistic relationship, not a trade-off, when we show compassion for animals and their homes.