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Birgitta Jónsdóttir became Iceland's most famous parliamentarian after challenging the U.S. with WikiLeaks in 2010.
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Meanwhile, Brexit is destabilizing the region, Donald Trump is rattling NATO and China is flexing its muscles.
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But if you consider Switzerland the Vertical Arctic, one really ought to take into account Dalai Lama's description of the
I also suggest getting a portable wifi. We rented ours from Iceland Camping Equipment and they were wonderful. This really
  8. Seville, Spain Photo: Seville by: Olivier Bruchez flickr - Courtesy: While many of Spain's other cities (see
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The promo for the state showed a skateboarder in Reykjavik,
Iceland has always been one of my dream destinations! Iceland (Ísland [istlant] in the Icelandic language) is located in the Northern part of the Atlantic Ocean near the Arctic circle.
A week later, I was at the Reagan Presidential Library for another Reykjavik summit commemoration when I spotted Mrs. Nancy
There is so much beauty in the world. All you have to do is leave your comfort zone to see it.