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I know you’re silently laughing at that headline. Stop it, already. There are still a few good companies left that care more
By: Niv Sultan "I think that American people should know that the members of Congress are underpaid," said Rep. Jim Moran
The deal will mark the return of BAT to the lucrative and highly regulated U.S. market after a 12-year absence.
Working as a lobbyist, he said, was how he chose to take care of his family.
The move would bring together Newport, Kent and Pall Mall cigarettes in the world’s biggest listed tobacco company.
Washington insiders like Boehner and his crowd have figured out yet another way to play the system -- sharpies milking millions from big business, special interests and government while casting aside the needs of the nation.
"Reynolds is getting both a fantastic brand in Newport and strong intellectual property in the e-cig category," said analyst
E-cigarettes are big business. This year, e-cigarette retail sales could hit $1 billion. If online sales are included, the figure jumps to $1.7 billion.
Tobacco giant Reynolds American Inc. last year helped fund several of the nation’s most politically active — and secretive — nonprofit organizations, according to a company document reviewed by the Center for Public Integrity. Zach Carter joins HuffPost Live to discuss.
Reynolds American specifically acknowledged its donation to Americans for Tax Reform “because of expected stakeholder interest