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At what point can comedy go too far, and what limits are appropriate on critical political discourse?
In 2012, when conservative darling Rush Limbaugh spsent three days hurling every denigrating, sleazy insult he could think
In the first episode, Aslan eats cooked human tissue with members of a fringe Hindu sect.
Growing up as a Hindu in America, I was often my friends’ only readily available resource about Hinduism. According to the
It is unbelievably callous and reckless of CNN to be pushing sensational and grotesque images of bearded brown men and their
"At one point or another, everyone’s going to find something to be angry about."
The religion scholar pushes even his own boundaries in new CNN show, "Believer."
“The only way you’re going to dissipate ... fear is by getting people to know someone that they’re afraid of."
Religious scholar Reza Aslan says one matters more than the other.