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Despite Bill Maher’s recent diatribe against Islam, during which he sparred with Ben Affleck about the basic tenets of the
After that, the interview spiraled further and further out of control. But it's not all bad news for Aslan. In a recent conversation
(h/t: Salon) Religion expert Reza Aslan was back on Wednesday night to talk with Jon Stewart about his Fox News interview
Like countless authors before him, Aslan claims to have discovered a radically different Jesus from the personality portrayed in the gospels and preached by the church for two millennia.
Sister Rose Pacatte and religious scholar Reza Aslan discussed Biblical literalism and other topics in an interview published
Fox Defends Reza Aslan Interview
As Zealot reveals, the idea of a messiah was very different in his time. Jesus was not surrounded by angels, he was surrounded by the demons of his generation's culture, and he fought like, well, a man of his meager means and a world-changing vision.
Fox News' religion correspondent Lauren Green may have come under fire last week for her controversial interview with author
Reza Aslan told Piers Morgan Monday night that defending himself to Fox News was "embarrassing." To read an excerpt from
Religious scholar Reza Aslan's interview on Fox News went so viral that his book, Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of