Here’s proof that most things for President Donald Trump are “beautiful”.
Colbert, Kimmel and Meyers demolished the President’s latest claim he can end a constitutional right to citizenship with an executive order.
But fewer than one-quarter say he discourages his supporters from acting violently.
President's son cranks up insulting rhetoric after bombs were mailed to his father's opponents.
How did these perceptions influence self-reported intent to vote in the November 8 election? The answer depended on partisanship
When Donald Trump refers to "the African Americans," his use of the word "the" attempts to put black Americans into one monolithic category. The "the" becomes a code, a signal that he distances himself from an entire group.
As already noted, the outsized examples we've seen this election cycle makes such behavior fair game for moral lessons delivered in lectures, editorials or sermons. My only problem with such moralizing is that it might be letting one party - all of us - off the hook.
In Donald Trump's 2005 hot mic conversation with entertainment reporter Billy Bush, he confessed to kissing women and grabbing their genitals without their consent.
Those who viewed the debate through the lens of rhetorical craftsmanship will have noticed that neither candidate took the
On the surface, the inability to find any skilled rhetoric to analyze in the first debate is the result of neither candidate having much skill to demonstrate.
This brings me back where I began: poets are artists of the intentional; they are artists using signs that point to things
Burke argues that scapegoating begins when people stop identifying with established social structures - like governments
Yes, there are one hundred days of campaigning left. I contend, however, that the narrative arc is solidified. I assert that Hillary's hopeful world--a world where America is trusted, unified, strong and patriotic, will outweigh Trump's dark, reckless, isolated, and un-patriotic future.
The big political news from last week was the Republican nominating convention and, if you judge the importance of stories based on time spent spinning in the news cycle, it seems as though the Yugist Event was Trump's spouse allegedly lifting words from Obama's during her brief speech at the start of the event.
I suspect that the reason formal logic and rhetoric aren't highlighted when critical thinking is brought up as our most vital
Do not run, dismiss, or hide. That simply insults and invalidates all the pain and mistreatment anyone who fails the test
Many of those spewing anti-gay rhetoric engage in gaslighting, which “is a form of mental abuse in which a victim is manipulated
I'm not sure what it means for our republic that a fallacy such as Argumentation from Outrage is on the verge of supplanting the whole package of logical and rhetorical techniques designed to construct a sound argument and then present it in a compelling manner. But I'm pretty sure it doesn't mean nothing.